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Anderson, Edward J. and Fekete, Sandor P. (2001) Two-Dimensional Rendezvous Search.
Published in: Operations research Vol. 49 (1). pp. 107-118.


Baur, Christoph and Fekete, Sandor P. (2001) Approximation of Geometric Dispersion Problems.
Published in: Algorithmica Vol. 30 (3). pp. 451-470.

Bolten, Eva and Schliep, Alexander and Schneckener, Sebastian and Schomburg, Dietmar and Schrader, Rainer (2001) Clustering Protein Sequences - Structure Prediction by transitive homology.
Published in: Bioinformatics Vol. 17 (10). pp. 935-941.

Bolten, Eva and Schliep, Alexander and Schneckener, Sebastian and Schomburg, Dietmar and Schrader, Rainer (2001) Strongly Connected Components can Predict Protein Structure.
Published In: Electronic notes in discrete mathematics 8 Elsevier 2001, pp. 10-13.

Buchheim, Christoph and Jünger, Michael and Leipert, Sebastian (2001) A Fast Layout Algorithm for k-Level Graphs.
Published In: Graph drawing : 8th international symposium, GD 2000, Colonial Williamsburg, VA, USA, September 20 - 23, 2000 ; proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1984 Springer 2001, pp. 86-89.


Castiglione, Filippo (2001) Forecasting price increments using an artificial Neural Network.
Published in: Advances in complex systems : ACS ; a multidisciplinary journal Vol. 4 (1-2). pp. 45-56.

Castiglione, Filippo and Pandey, Ras B. and Stauffer, Dietrich (2001) Effect of Trading Momentum and Price Resistance on Stock Market Dynamics: A Glauber Monte Carlo Simulation.
Published in: Physica : europhysics journal ; A, Statistical mechanics and its applications Vol. 289 (1-2). pp. 223-228.


Eissfeldt, Nils and Metzler, Marcus and Wagner, Peter (2001) Dynamic simulation of traffic and its environmental impacts.
Published In: Control in transportation systems 2000 : a proceedings volume from the 9th IFAC Symposium, Braunschweig, Germany, 13 - 15 June 2000 Pergamon 2001, pp. 392-398.

Eissfeldt, Nils and Sentuc, Florence-Natalie and Luberichs, Martin (2001) Investigating emissions of traffic by simulation.
Technical Report , 5 p.

Elf, Matthias and Gutwenger, Carsten and Jünger, Michael and Rinaldi, Giovanni (2001) Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization and Their Implementation in ABACUS.
Published in: Computational Combinatorial Optimization: Optimal or Provably Near-Optimal Solutions., Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2241 Springer 2001, pp. 157-222.

Epping, Thomas and Hochstättler, Winfried (2001) Abuse of Multiple Sequence Alignment in a Paint Shop.
Technical Report , 9 p.

Epping, Thomas and Hochstättler, Winfried and Oertel, Peter (2001) Some Results on a Paint Shop Problem for Words.
Published In: Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 8 Elsevier 2001, pp. 31-33.

Erdmann, Andreas and Nolte, Andreas and Noltemeier, Anja and Schrader, Rainer (2001) Modeling and Solving the Airline Schedule Generation Problem.
Published in: Annals of Operations Research Vol. 107 (1-4). pp. 117-141.


Faigle, Ulrich and Kern, Walter and Kuipers, Jeroen (2001) On the computation of the nucleolus of a cooperative game.
Published in: International journal of game theory : official journal of the Game Theory Society Vol. 30 (1). pp. 79-98.

Fekete, Sandor P. and Kremer, Jana (2001) Tree Spanners in Planar Graphs.
Published in: Discrete Applied Mathematics Vol. 108 (1-2). pp. 85-103.

Fekete, Sandor P. and Schepers, Jörg (2001) New classes of fast lower bounds for bin packing problems.
Published in: Mathematical programming : Series A Vol. 91 (1). pp. 11-31.


Genc, Zuelfuekar and Speckenmeyer, Ewald (2001) Fahrplanoptimierung im ÖPNV.
Technical Report , 7 p.

Guehnemann, Astrid and Eissfeldt, Nils and Benmimoun, Ahmed and Neunzig, Dirk and Wagner, Peter (2001) Integration von dynamischer Verkehrssimulation und Wirkungsanalyse fur die Entwicklung ressourcenschonender Verkehrsmanagement-Strategien.
Published In: Verkehr und Mobilität in der Informationsgesellschaft : 18. Verkehrswissenschaftliche Tage, 17. und 18. September 2001 in Dresden ; Tagungsband Techn. Univ., Fak. Verkehrswiss. Friedrich List 2001.

Guehnemann, Astrid and Wagner, Peter and Eissfeldt, Nils (2001) Intelligent transport management by integrated dynamic traffic simulation and impact assessment.
Published In: Selected proceedings of the 9th World Congress on Transport Research, 22 - 27 July 2001, Seoul Korea, Paper No. 5114. Pergamon 2001.


Hunting, Marcel and Faigle, Ulrich and Kern, Walter (2001) A Lagrangian relaxation approach to the edge-weighted clique problem.
Published in: European Journal of Operational Research : EJOR Vol. 131 (1). pp. 119-131.


Jünger, Michael and Kaibel, Volker (2001) Box-Inequalities for Quadratic Assignment Polytopes.
Published in: Mathematical Programming : Series A Vol. 91 (1). pp. 175-197.

Jünger, Michael and Kaibel, Volker (2001) The QAP-Polytope and the Star-Transformation.
Published in: Discrete Applied Mathematics Vol. 111 (3). pp. 283-306.

Jünger, Michael and Mutzel, Petra (2001) Automatisches Layout von Diagrammen.
Published in: OR news : das Magazin der GOR Vol. 5 (12). pp. 5-12.

Jünger, Michael and Reinelt, Gerhard (2001) Combinatorial Optimization and Integer Programming.
Published in: Encyclopedia of life support systems. Eolss Publishers 2001.


Kaderali, Lars and Schliep, Alexander (2001) An Algorithm to Select Target Specific Probes for DNA Chips.
Technical Report , 10 p.

Kaderali, Lars and Schliep, Alexander (2001) A new Algorithm for Accelerating Pair-Wise Computations of Melting Temperature.
Published in: Electronical Notes in Discrete Mathematics Vol. 8. pp. 46-49.


Nolte, Andreas and Schrader, Rainer (2001) Simulated Annealing and Graph Colouring.
Published in: Combinatorics, probability & computing Vol. 10 (1). 29 -40.


Pickl, Stefan (2001) Convex Games and Feasible Sets in Control Theory.
Published in: Mathematical Methods of Operations Research : ZOR Vol. 53 (1). pp. 51-66.


Randerath, Bert and Schiermeyer, Ingo (2001) Colouring Graphs with Prescribed Induced Cycle Lengths.
Published in: Discussiones Mathematicae Vol. 21 (2). pp. 267-282.

Rosswog, Stephan and Gawron, Christian and Hasselberg, Stephan and Böning, Rolf and Wagner, Peter (2001) Computational Aspects in Traffic Simulation Problems.
Published in: Future generation computer systems : FGCS Vol. 17 (5). pp. 659-665.


Schliep, Alexander (2001) A Bayesian Approach to Learning Hidden Markov Model Topology with Applications to Biological Sequence Analysis. PhD thesis.

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