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Arkin, Esther M. and Fekete, Sandor P. and Mitchell, Joseph S. B. (2000) Approximation algorithms for lawn mowing and milling.
Published in: Computational geometry : theory and applications Vol. 17 (1-2). pp. 25-50.

Ascheuer, Norbert and Jünger, Michael and Reinelt, Gerhard (2000) A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Asymmetric Hamiltonian Path Problem with Precedence Constraints.
Published in: Computational optimization and applications : an international journal. Vol. 17 (1). pp. 61-84.


Bernaschi, Massimo and Succi, Sauro and Castiglione, Filippo (2000) Large-scale Cellular Automata simulations of the Immune System response.
Published in: Physical Review : E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics Vol. 61 (2). pp. 1851-1854.

Blasum, Ulrich (2000) Anwendung des Branch&Cut Verfahrens auf das kapazitierte Vehicle Routing Problem. PhD thesis.

Blasum, Ulrich and Hochstättler, Winfried (2000) Application of the Branch and Cut Method to the Vehicle Routing Problem.
Technical Report , 20 p.


Castiglione, Filippo (2000) Diffusion and Aggregation in an Agent Based Model of Stock Market Fluctuations.
Published in: International journal of modern physics : C, Physics and computers Vol. 11 (5). pp. 865-879.

Castiglione, Filippo and Castiglione, Francesco (2000) Estimating the Keratoconus Index from ultrasound images of the human cornea.
Published in: IEEE transactions on medical imaging : a publication of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society .... Vol. 19 (12). pp. 1268-1272.


Dahlhaus, Elias (2000) Parallel Algorithms for Hierarchical Clustering and Applications to Split Decomposition and Parity Graph Recognition.
Published in: Journal of Algorithms Vol. 36 (2). pp. 205-240.


Epping, Thomas and Hochstättler, Winfried and Oertel, Peter (2000) A Paint Shop Problem for Words.
Technical Report , 7 p.


Faigle, Ulrich and Kern, Walter and Paulusma, D. (2000) Note on the computational complexity of least core concepts for min-cost spanning tree games.
Published in: Mathematical methods of operations research Vol. 52 (1). pp. 23-38.

Fekete, Sandor P. (2000) On Simple Polygonalizations with Optimal Area.
Published in: Discrete & computational geometry : an international journal of mathematics and computer science. Vol. 23 (1). pp. 73-110.

Fekete, Sandor P. and Meijer, Henk (2000) On Minimum Stars and Maximum Matchings.
Published in: Discrete & computational geometry : an international journal of mathematics and computer science Vol. 23 (3). pp. 389-407.

Fekete, Sandor P. and Mitchell, Joseph S. B. and Weinbrecht, Karin (2000) On the continuous Weber and k-median problems.
Published In: Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry : SCG '00 ; June 12 - 14, 2000, Hong Kong ACM 2000, pp. 70-79.

Fekete, Sandor P. and Schepers, Jörg (2000) On more-dimensional packing I: Modeling.
Technical Report , 15 p.

Fekete, Sandor P. and Schepers, Jörg (2000) On more-dimensional packing II: Bounds.
Technical Report , 20 p.

Fekete, Sandor P. and Schepers, Jörg (2000) On more-dimensional packing III: Exact Algorithms.
Technical Report , 29 p.

Fleiner, Tamas and Kaibel, Volker and Rote, Günter (2000) Upper Bounds on the Maximal Number of Facets of 0/1-Polytopes.
Published in: European journal of combinatorics Vol. 21 (1). pp. 121-130.


Hamacher, Anja and Hochstättler, Winfried and Moll, Christoph (2000) Tree Partitioning under Constraints -- Clustering for Vehicle Routing Problems.
Published in: Discrete Applied Mathematics Vol. 99 (1-3). pp. 55-69.

Hasselberg, Stephan (2000) Some results on heuristical algorithms for shortest path problems in large road networks. PhD thesis.

Healy, Patrick and Kuusik, Ago and Leipert, Sebastian (2000) Characterization of Level Non-Planar Graphs by Minimal Patterns.
Published In: Computing and combinatorics : COCOON 2000 ; 6th annual international conference ; proceedings, Lecture notes in computer science. 1858 Springer 2000, pp. 74-84.

Hochstättler, Winfried and Mues, Christopher and Oertel, Peter (2000) Algorithmen für Speditionsroutingprobleme mit Umlademöglichkeit.
Published In: Logistik 2000plus : Herausforderungen, Trends, Konzepte ; 6. Magdeburger Logistik-Tagung, Magdeburg, 16./17. November 2000. Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Lehrstuhl Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Produktion und Logistik ..., Magdeburger Logistik - Logistik aus technischer und ökonomischer Sicht. LOGISCH 2000, pp. 38-51.

Hochstättler, Winfried and Nesetril, Jaroslav (2000) A Note on MaxFlow-MinCut and Homomorphic Equivalence in Matroids.
Published in: Journal of algebraic combinatorics : an international journal Vol. 12 (3). pp. 295-300.

Hochstättler, Winfried and Oertel, Peter (2000) The 5-Star-Hub-Problem is NP-complete.
Technical Report , 4 p.


Jünger, Michael and Kaibel, Volker (2000) On the SQAP-Polytope.
Published in: SIAM Journal on Optimization Vol. 11 (2). pp. 444-463.

Jünger, Michael and Rinaldi, Giovanni and Thienel, Stefan (2000) Practical Performance of Efficient Minimum Cut Algorithms.
Published in: Algorithmica Vol. 26 (1). pp. 172-195.

Jünger, Michael and Thienel, Stefan (2000) The ABACUS System for Branch-and-Cut-and-Price Algorithms in Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization.
Published in: Software: Practice and Experience Vol. 30 (11). pp. 1325-1352.


Kaibel, Volker and Wolff, Martin (2000) Simple 0/1-Polytopes.
Published in: European Journal of Combinatorics Vol. 21 (1). pp. 139-144.

Knab, Bernhard (2000) Erweiterungen von Hidden-Markov-Modellen zur Analyse ökonomischer Zeitreihen. PhD thesis.

Krabs, Werner and Pickl, Stefan and Scheffran, Jürgen (2000) Optimization of an n-person game under linear side conditions.
Published in: Optimization, dynamics and economic analysis : essays in honor of Gustav Feichtinger. Springer 2000, pp. 79-85.

Kropat, E. and Pickl, Stefan and Rössler, A. and Weber, Gerhard-Wilhelm (2000) A New Algorithm From Semi-Infinite Optimization For a Problem Of Time-Minimal Control.
Published in: Vycislitel'nye technologii : zurnal = Computational Technologies Vol. 5 (4). pp. 67-81.


Liers, Frauke and Jünger, Michael (2000) Ground states in three-dimensional ±J Edwards-Anderson spin glasses with free boundaries.
Published in: International Journal of Modern Physics C (IJMPC) Vol. 11 (3). pp. 589-592. ISSN 1793-6586


Nolte, Andreas and Schrader, Rainer (2000) A Note on the Finite Time Behaviour of Simulated Annealing.
Published in: Mathematics of operations research Vol. 25 (3). pp. 476-484.

Noltemeier, Anja (2000) Modelle und Lösungsverfahren zur Generierung von Flugplänen. PhD thesis.


Oertel, Peter (2000) Routing with Reloads. PhD thesis.


Peter, Markus and Wambach, Georg (2000) N-extendible posets, and how to minimize total weighted completion time.
Published in: Discrete Applied Mathematics Vol. 99 (1-3). pp. 157-167.

Pickl, Stefan (2000) Controllability via an Approximation Problem.
Published In: Proceedings : 3rd MATHMOD, IMACS Symposium on Mathematical Modelling ; February 2 - 4, 2000, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, ARGESIM report. 15 ARGESIM, ARGE Simulation News, Vienna Univ. of Technology 2000.

Pickl, Stefan (2000) Optimization of the TEM Model -- Co-Funding and Joint International Emissions Trading.
Published In: Operations research proceedings 2000 : Selected papers of the Symposium on operations research (OR 2000) ; Dresden, September 9 - 12 Springer 2000, pp. 113-118.

Pickl, Stefan and Scheffran, Jürgen (2000) Control and game theoretic assesment of climate change -- options for Joint-Implementation.
Published in: Annals of operations research Vol. 97 (1-4). pp. 203-212.

Pickl, Stefan and Weber, Gerhard-Wilhelm (2000) An Algorithmic Approach by Linear Programming Problems In Generalized Semi-Infinite Optimization.
Published in: Vycislitel'nye technologii : zurnal = Computational technologies Vol. 5 (3). pp. 62-82.


Rosswog, Stephan and Wagner, Peter and Eissfeldt, Nils (2000) Microscopic traffic simulation tools and their use for emission calculations.
Technical Report , 6 p.


Weber, Iris (2000) SVD-Clusterung von Bauspar-Zeitreihen. PhD thesis.

Weinbrecht, Karin (2000) Kontinuierliche Standortprobleme in Polygonen. PhD thesis.

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