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Wanka, Alfred (1989) On First Experiences with the Implementation of a Newton Based Linear Programming Approach.
Published in: Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire Vol. B21g . pp. 127-140.

Reinelt, Gerhard and Jünger, Michael and Grötschel, Martin (1989) Via Minimization with Pin Preassignments and Layer Preferal.
Published in: ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik Vol. 69 (11). pp. 393-399.

Barahona, Francisco and Jünger, Michael and Reinelt, Gerhard (1989) Experiments in Quadratic 0–1 Programming.
Published in: Mathematical Programming Vol. 44 (1-3). pp. 127-137. ISSN 0025-5610

Hochstättler, Winfried and Kern, Walter (1989) Matroid Matching in Pseudomodular Lattices.
Published in: Combinatorica : an international journal on combinatorics and the theory of computing Vol. 9 (2). pp. 145-152.

Jungnickel, Dieter and Leclerc, Matthias (1989) The 2-Matching Lattice of a Graph.
Published in: Journal of combinatorial theory : Series B Vol. 46 (2). pp. 246-248.

Leclerc, Matthias and Rendl, Franz (1989) A Multiply Constrained Matroid Optimization Problem.
Published in: Discrete mathematics Vol. 73 (1-2). pp. 207-212.

Faigle, Ulrich and Kern, Walter and Turán, Gyorgy (1989) On the performance of on-line algorithms for partition problems.
Published in: Acta Cybernetica : forum centrale publicationum cyberneticarum Hungaricum Vol. 9 (2). pp. 107-119.

Leclerc, Matthias (1989) Slices of the Matching Polytopes.
Published in: Mitteilungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar Giessen Vol. 192. pp. 85-88.

Leclerc, Matthias (1989) Optimizing over a slice of the bipartite matching polytope.
Published in: Discrete mathematics Vol. 73 (1-2). pp. 159-162.

Faßbender, Bert (1989) On Longest Cycles and Strongly Linking Vertex Sets.
Published in: Journal of Graph Theory Vol. 13 (6). pp. 697-702.

Bachem, Achim and Wanka, Alfred (1989) Euclidean Intersection Properties.
Published in: Journal of combinatorial theory : Series B Vol. 47 (1). pp. 10-19.

Kern, Walter (1989) A Probabilistic Analysis of the Switching Algorithm for the Euclidean TSP.
Published in: Mathematical programming : Series A Vol. 44 (1-3). pp. 213-219.

Bachem, Achim and Wanka, Alfred (1989) Matroids without Adjoint.
Published in: Geometriae dedicata Vol. 29 (3). pp. 311-315.

Leclerc, Matthias and Rendl, Franz (1989) Constrained Spanning Trees and the Travelling Salesman Problem.
Published in: European journal of operational research Vol. 39 (1). pp. 96-102.

Faßbender, Bert (1989) Kriterien vom Ore-Typ für längste Kreise in 2-zusammenhängenden Graphen.
Published in: Mathematische Nachrichten Vol. 142 (1). pp. 287-296.

Kern, Walter (1989) On the Rate of Convergence of some Stochastic Processes.
Published in: Mathematics of Operations Research Vol. 14 (2). pp. 275-280.

Bold, Christoph (1989) Order-Degree Sequences.
Published in: Ars Combinatoria : a Canadian journal of combinatorics Vol. 27. pp. 113-116.

Proceedings article

Wanka, Alfred (1989) Interior and Exterior Methods of Linear Programming.
Published In: Operations research proceedings 1988 : papers of the 17th annual meeting ; [vom 13. bis 16. September 1988 an der Technischen Universität Berlin] Springer 1989, pp. 214-221.


Kern, Walter (1989) Verfahren der kombinatorischen Optimierung und ihre Gültigkeitsbereiche.
Technical Report , 43 p.

Bachem, Achim and Niezborala, M. (1989) Numerische Erfahrungen bei der Vektorisierung linearer Programmierungsalgorithmen.
Technical Report p.

Bachem, Achim and Kannan, Ravi (1989) Linear Algebra: A Computational Complexity Approach.
Technical Report p.

Bachem, Achim (1989) Komplexitätstheorie - Vorlesungsmanuskript.
Technical Report p.

Kern, Walter (1989) Informatik - Vorlesungsmanuskript.
Technical Report p.

Bachem, Achim and Reinhold, Andrea (1989) On the Complexity of the Farkas-Property of Oriented Matroids.
Technical Report , 12 p.

Faigle, Ulrich and Kern, Walter (1989) A Note on the Communication Complexity of Totally Unimodular Matrices.
Technical Report , 9 p.

Bachem, Achim and Harf, K. and Kellershohn, Irene (1989) Zur Problematik eines Schichtenmodells bei der optimalen Bestandsanpassung von Bausparkollektiven.
Technical Report p.

Optimierung, Arbeitsgruppe (1989) Jahresbericht 1988.
Project Report , 20 p.


Rieder, Jörg (1989) Gitterstrukturen bei Matroidproblemen. PhD thesis.

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