Multi-depot multi-vehicle-type vehicle scheduling for Cologne’s tram network

Lückerath, Daniel and Ullrich, Oliver and Kupicha, Aleksander and Speckenmeyer, Ewald (2014) Multi-depot multi-vehicle-type vehicle scheduling for Cologne’s tram network.
Published In: Proceedings of ASIM-Workshop STS/GMMS 2014, ASIM Mitteilungen. AM 149 ARGESIM/ASIM Pub., TU Vienna/Austria, Scheible, J.; Bausch-Gall, I.; Deatcu, C. (Ed.) February 2014, pp. 191-197.


To be a feasible base for simulation studies of Cologne's tram network, a valid vehicle schedule has to con-sider several requirements, like multiple vehicle depots and multiple types of vehicles. The local transport provider utilizes both low-floor and high-floor vehicles, with high-floor vehicles being qualified to serve both high-floor and low-floor platforms. Therefore mixed vehicle rotations are acceptable, but generally not desired. This paper presents a set of models which adhere to these requirements, while also considering sev-eral possible optimization goals, like minimum number of deployed vehicles, and minimum combined length of maintenance trips.

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