Effectiveness of pre- and inprocessing for CDCL-based SAT solving

Wotzlaw, Andreas and van der Grinten, Alexander and Speckenmeyer, Ewald (2013) Effectiveness of pre- and inprocessing for CDCL-based SAT solving.
Technical Report , 9 p.


Applying pre- and inprocessing techniques to simplify CNF formulas both before and during search can considerably improve the performance of modern SAT solvers. These algorithms mostly aim at reducing the number of clauses, literals, and variables in the formula. However, to be worthwhile, it is necessary that their additional runtime does not exceed the runtime saved during the subsequent SAT solver execution. In this paper we investigate the efficiency and the practicability of selected simplification algorithms for CDCL-based SAT solving. We first analyze them by means of their expected impact on the CNF formula and SAT solving at all. While testing them on real-world and combinatorial SAT instances, we show which techniques and combinations of them yield a desirable speedup and which ones should be avoided.

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