A Guided Tour through Oriented Matroid Axioms

Bachem, Achim and Kern, Walter (1993) A Guided Tour through Oriented Matroid Axioms.
Published in: Acta mathematicae applicatae sinica Vol. 9 (2). pp. 125-134.


Oriented Matroids arise as a natural combinatorial abstraction of linear algebra and geometry. Some of the topics were foreseen by Rockafellar. Later, oriented matroids were independently discovered by Bland, Dress and Las Vergnas. As with matroids oriented matroids can be developed from many different axiom systems. In this survey we shall concentrate on some of the more important ones and show how one system can be deduced from the other. Moreover we show how these axiom systems computationally relate to each other proving that none of them can be used to check one side of the well known Farkas' Lemma.

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