Simulation zur Verbesserung der Logistikprozesse eines Pharmagroßhandels

Werth, Felix and Beckers, Martin and Ullrich, Oliver and Speckenmeyer, Ewald (2010) Simulation zur Verbesserung der Logistikprozesse eines Pharmagroßhandels.
Published in: Integrationsaspekte der Simulation: Technik, Organisation und Personal. KIT Scientific Publishing 2010, pp. 261-268.


Gehe Pharma Handel GmbH is one of Germany's biggest pharmaceutical wholesalers. This paper describes the development and application of a simulation software representing their logistic processes, built in cooperation with Gehe's Troisdorf branch. We start with an outline of the Gehe facility, describe the process of implementing and validating the software application, and show some sample results.

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