Distance-hereditary digraphs

Lätsch, Martin and Schrader, Rainer (2010) Distance-hereditary digraphs.
Published in: Journal of Disrete Algorithms Vol. 8 (2). pp. 231-240.


Extending notions from undirected graphs, we introduce directed graphs with the property that distances are preserved when taking induced subdigraphs. We characterize these distance-hereditary digraphs in terms of paths, their level structure and forbidden induced subdigraphs. Weaker requirements than the preservation of distances allow the distance to increase by a multiplicative or additive constant. For these (k,{+,*})-distance-hereditary digraphs we give characterizations and provide computational complexity results for the corresponding recognition problems.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: distance distance-hereditary graphs recognition problem
  • 05-XX Combinatorics > 05Cxx Graph theory > 05C12 Distance in graphs

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    Additional Information: Selected papers from the 3rd Algorithms and Complexity in Durham Workshop ACiD 2007
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