Improved Scalability By Using Hardware-Aware Thread Affinities

Mallach, Sven and Gutwenger, Carsten (2011) Improved Scalability By Using Hardware-Aware Thread Affinities.
Published In: Facing the Multicore-Challenge, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 6310 Springer 2011, pp. 29-41.


The complexity of an efficient thread management steadily rises with the number of processor cores and heterogeneities in the design of system architectures, e.g., the topologies of execution units and the memory architecture. In this paper, we show that using information about the system topology combined with a hardware-aware thread management is worthwhile. We present such a hardware-aware approach that utilizes thread affinity to automatically steer the mapping of threads to cores and experimentally analyze its performance. Our experiments show that we can achieve significantly better scalability and runtime stability compared to the ordinary dispatching of threads provided by the operating system.

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