A Non-Disordered Glassy Model with a Tunable Interaction Range

Liers, Frauke and Marinari, Enzo and Pagacz, Ulrike and Ricci-Tersenghi, Federico and Schmitz, Vera (2010) A Non-Disordered Glassy Model with a Tunable Interaction Range.
Published in: Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment Vol. 2010 (5). L05003.


We introduce a non-disordered lattice spin model, based on the principle of minimizing spin-spin correlations up to a (tunable) distance R.The model can be defined in any spatial dimension D, but already for D=1 and small values of R (e.g. R=5) the model shows the properties of a glassy system: deep and well separated energy minima, very slow relaxation dynamics, aging and non-trivial fluctuation-dissipation ratio.

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