Satisfiability of Mixed Horn Formulas

Porschen, Stefan and Speckenmeyer, Ewald (2007) Satisfiability of Mixed Horn Formulas.
Published in: Discrete applied mathematics Vol. 155 (11). 1408 -1419.


In this paper the class of {em mixed Horn formulas} is introduced that contain a Horn part and a 2-CNF (also called quadratic) part. We show that SAT remains NP-complete for such instances and also that any CNF formula can be encoded in terms of a mixed Horn formula in polynomial time. Further, we provide an exact deterministic algorithm showing that SAT for mixed Horn formulas containing n variables is solvable in time O(2^{0.5284n}). A strong argument showing that it is hard to improve a time bound of O(2^{n/2}) for mixed Horn formulas is provided. We also obtain a fixed-parameter tractability classification for SAT restricted to mixed Horn formulas C of at most k variables in its positive 2-CNF part providing the bound O(|C|2^{0.5284k}) . We further show that the NP-hard optimization problem minimum weight SAT for mixed Horn formulas can be solved in time O(2^{0.5284n}) if non-negative weights are assigned to the variables. Motivating examples for mixed Horn formulas are level graph formulas [B. Randerath, E. Speckenmeyer, E. Boros, P. Hammer, A. Kogan, K. Makino, B. Simeone, O. Cepek, A satisfiability formulation of problems on level graphs, ENDM 9 (2001)] and graph colorability formulas.

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