Universality-class dependence of energy distributions in spin glasses

Katzgraber, Helmut G. and Körner, Mathias and Liers, Frauke and Jünger, Michael and Hartmann, Alexander K. (2005) Universality-class dependence of energy distributions in spin glasses.
Published in: Physical Review B Vol. 72 (9). 094421.


We study the probability distribution function of the ground-state energies of the disordered one-dimensional Ising spin chain with power-law interactions using a combination of parallel tempering Monte Carlo and branch, cut & price algorithms. By tuning the exponent of the power-law interactions we are able to scan several universality classes. Our results suggest that mean-field models have a non-Gaussian limiting distribution of the ground-state energies, whereas non-mean-field models have a Gaussian limiting distribution.

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