Simulating Traffic with Queueing Models

Eissfeldt, Nils and Gräfe, Jürgen and Wagner, Peter (2003) Simulating Traffic with Queueing Models.
Technical Report , 18 p.


Queueing models for traffic simulations are interesting models for applications. They can be used to simulate up to 10^8 cars/s on completely standard hard-ware. Unfortunately, uptonow, there was a catch: they sometimes show weird results, most notably jams that do not run backward. This work shows how queueing models can be made as realistic as most car-following models. Two ingredients are needed: the first is the proper translation of the macroscopic description (flows) into the microscopic headways used in the queueing model, the second is the correct modeling of the interaction between the queues that model the links in the network.

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