Boundary-induced phase transitions in a space-continuous traffic model with non-unique flow-density relation

Namazi, Alireza and Eissfeldt, Nils and Wagner, Peter and Schadschneider, Andreas (2002) Boundary-induced phase transitions in a space-continuous traffic model with non-unique flow-density relation.
Published in: The European Physical Journal B Vol. 30 (4). pp. 559-571.


The SK-model is a stochastic, collision-free model for traffic flow, which is continuous in space, discrete in time and has bounded acceleration and deceleration. For periodic boundary conditions it is well understood and known to display a non-unique flow-density relation (fundamental diagram) in a certain range of densities. For application instead, the model's behaviour under open boundary conditions plays a crucial role since such systems show boundary-induced phase transitions. In contrast to models already investigated under open boundary conditions, the high flow states in the fundamental diagram of the SK-model are bistable, i.e. fluctuations intrinsic to the model are not able to destroy these system states. It is shown that also in such a state-continuous model with a bistable fundamental diagram the current obeys an extremal principle introduced for the case of much simpler model of the ASEP. The phase diagram of the open system will be completely determined by the in fundamental diagram of the periodic system through this principle. In order to allow the investigation of the whole state space of the SK-model, strategies for the injection of cars into the system are needed. It is shown that the choice of appropriate rules are inevitable to prevent misleading interpretation. Two methods solving this problem are discussed and the boundary-induced phase transitions for both methods are studied.

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