Graph Drawing: Exact Optimization helps!

Mutzel, Petra and Jünger, Michael (2004) Graph Drawing: Exact Optimization helps!
Published in: The sharpest cut: the impact of Manfred Padberg and his work ; [invited lectures given at a workshop held in October 2001 to celebrate Padberg's 60th birthday ; Workshop in Honor of Manfred Padberg]., MPS-SIAM series on optimization. 4 SIAM 2004.


Graph drawing deals with the design and implementation of algorithms for generating automatic layouts of graphs that can be read and understood easily. A good drawing should reveal the structure of the given graph. With applications in business process modelling, software (re-)engineering, and data base design, the field of graph drawing is becoming increasingly important. We discuss recent analytic and algorithmic developments in designing so-called topology-shape-metrics approaches for automatic graph drawing and examine inhowmuch exact optimization helps in producing good layouts. This article is the written version of an invited talk that Petra Mutzel presented on 12 October 2001 at the Padbergfest organized by ZIB Berlin on the occasion of Manfred Padberg's 60th birthday.

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