Intelligent transport management by integrated dynamic traffic simulation and impact assessment

Guehnemann, Astrid and Wagner, Peter and Eissfeldt, Nils (2001) Intelligent transport management by integrated dynamic traffic simulation and impact assessment.
Published In: Selected proceedings of the 9th World Congress on Transport Research, 22 - 27 July 2001, Seoul Korea, Paper No. 5114. Pergamon 2001.


For transport management beyond user optimal solutions, information has to be generated on efficient measures to avoid traffic disturbances which take into account environmental restrictions. This means, it is necessary to develop strategies how to obtain an optimal system state under environmental and equity objectives and balance this against individual priorities. The information on optimal traffic management strategies should then be supplied in such a way that 'transport supervisors' are able to respond quickly and flexible to changes in the traffic situation. The goal of our research is to design an intelligent decision supportsystem that accomplishes this task. For this purpose, we combine dynamic microscopic traffic simulation tools with an assessment model in order to evaluate environmental as well as economic impacts of new management strategies and to generate optimal solution for a desired state of transport system and environment. Within the next decade, ITS will offer the technical solutions to actually apply these strategies by providing precise information on the current state of traffic (e.g. by using Floating Car Data) and by providing means for flexible traffic management such as centralised route guidance systems (RGS) (in-vehicle, dynamic traffic guidance) or electronic tolling systems.

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