Controllability via an Approximation Problem

Pickl, Stefan (2000) Controllability via an Approximation Problem.
Published In: Proceedings : 3rd MATHMOD, IMACS Symposium on Mathematical Modelling ; February 2 - 4, 2000, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, ARGESIM report. 15 ARGESIM, ARGE Simulation News, Vienna Univ. of Technology 2000.


This paper is concerned with a nonlinear time-discrete dynamical system whose dynamics is described by a system of vector difference equations involving state and control vector functions. It can be seen as a contribution to the investigation of problems of controllability via the solution of an approximation problem. The motivation comes from an actual interdisciplinary research field in the area of environmental systems. The special structure of the developed TEM-model permits two transformations which lead to a solution of the problem of controllability within the smallest number of time-steps, if the problem is solvable. Founded upon these results, the presented algorithm can be determined.

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