Graph Drawing Algorithm Engineering with AGD

Gutwenger, Carsten and Jünger, Michael and Klau, Gunnar W. and Leipert, Sebastian and Mutzel, Petra (2002) Graph Drawing Algorithm Engineering with AGD.
Published In: Software visualization international seminar ; Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, May 20 - 25, 2001 ; revised papers, Lecture notes in computer science 676-679. 2269 Springer 2002, pp. 676-679.


We discuss the algorithm engineering aspects of AGD, a software library of algorithms for graph drawing. AGD represents algorithms as classes that provide one or more methods for calling the algorithm. There is a common base class, also called the type of an algorithm, for algorithms providing basically the same functionality. This enables us to exchange components and experiment with various algorithms and implementations of the same type. We give examples for algorithm engineering with AGD for drawing general non-hierarchical graphs and hierarchical graphs.

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