A high performance simulator of the Immune Response

Bernaschi, Massimo and Castiglione, Filippo and Succi, Sauro (1999) A high performance simulator of the Immune Response.
Published in: Future Generation Computer System Vol. 15 (3). pp. 333-342.


The application of concepts and methods of statistical mechanics to biological problems is one of the most promising frontiers of computational physics. For instance Cellular Automata (CA), i.e. fully discrete dynamical systems evolving according to boolean laws, appear to be extremely well suited to the simulation of the immune system dynamics. A prominent example of immunological CA is represented by the Celada-Seiden automaton, that has proven capable of providing several new insights into the dynamics of the immune system response. In the present paper we describe a parallel version of the Celada-Seiden automaton. Details on the parallel implementation as well as performance data on the IBM SP2 parallel platform are presented and commented on.

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