A Note on MaxFlow-MinCut and Homomorphic Equivalence in Matroids

Hochstättler, Winfried and Nesetril, Jaroslav (2000) A Note on MaxFlow-MinCut and Homomorphic Equivalence in Matroids.
Published in: Journal of algebraic combinatorics : an international journal Vol. 12 (3). pp. 295-300.


This paper is considerably modified revision of 97-286 and contains several new results: In this note we point out that the validity of the max-flow-min-cut theorem in a matroid port M is equivalent to the homomorphic equivalence of the dual port M * to a circuit in the category of matroid ports and strong port maps. As a consequence, restricting to the category of matroids with the strong integer MaxFlow-MinCut property, one has a linearly ordered set of equivalence classes and Menger's Theorem as the unique homomorphism duality.

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