Microscopic Modeling of Traffic Flow: Investigation of Collision Free Vehicle Dynamics

Krauß, Stefan (1998) Microscopic Modeling of Traffic Flow: Investigation of Collision Free Vehicle Dynamics. PhD thesis.


The continuous growth of road traffic volumes leads to significant environmental and economical problems. For this reason there have been efforts for more than four decades to understand the dynamics of traffic flow in order to find ways to optimize traffic with respect to a reduction of environmental impacts and economical losses due to congestion. In this work a microscopic model of traffic flow is proposed that adds to the understanding of the different types of congestion that are found in traffic flow. The main assumption the model is based on is the fact that in general vehicles move without colliding. From this property of vehicle motion a model can be derived that shows a rich dynamics and proves to be in good agreement with empirical data. The model is mainly characterized by the parameters describing typical acceleration and deceleration capabilities of the vehicles. It closely resembles other well-known models for certain choices of these parameters. By varying acceleration and deceleration capabilities a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the model and the previously known special cases is gained.

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