A Polyhedral Approach to the Multi-Layer Crossing Minimization Problem

Jünger, Michael and Lee, Eva K. and Mutzel, Petra and Odenthal, Thomas (1997) A Polyhedral Approach to the Multi-Layer Crossing Minimization Problem.
Published In: Graph drawing : 5th international symposium, GD '97, Rome, Italy, September 18 - 20, 1997 ; proceedings, Lecture notes in computer science. 1353 Springer 1997, pp. 13-24.


We study the multi-layer crossing minimization problem from a polyhedral point of view. After the introduction of an integer programming formulation of the multi-layer crossing minimization problem, we examine the 2-layer case and derive several classes of facets of the associated polytope. Preliminary computational results for 2- and 3-layer instances indicate, that the usage of the corresponding facet-defining inequalities in a branch-and-cut approach may only lead to a practically useful algorithm, if deeper polyhedral studies are conducted.

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