On more-dimensional packing II: Bounds

Fekete, Sandor P. and Schepers, Jörg (2000) On more-dimensional packing II: Bounds.
Technical Report , 20 p.


More-dimensional orthogonal packing problems have a wide range of practical applications, including packing, cutting, and scheduling. In the context of a branch-and-bound framework for solving these packing problems to optimality, it is of crucial importance to have good and easy lower bounds for an optimal solution. Previous efforts have produced a number of special classes of such bounds. Unfortunately, some of these bounds are somewhat complicated and hard to generalize. We present a new approach for obtaining classes of lower bounds for more-dimensional packing problems; our bounds improve and simplify on several well-known bounds from previous literature. In addition, our approach provide an easy framework for proving correctness of new bounds.

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