On the scheduling of one-dimensional transport systems

Heinrichs, Udo and Moll, Christoph (1997) On the scheduling of one-dimensional transport systems.
Technical Report , 18 p.


In this paper we consider the problem of finding a feasible routing for one-dimensional transport systems. This problem arises as a subproblem in production planning, when a mono-rail crane with several crabs is part of the production lane. Practical restrictions like finite speed of crabs and a minimal distance between crabs lead to a special routing problem. We show that this problem corresponds to the geometric problem of covering segments with angle-restricted curves with the additional constraint that all curves have at least distance 1. We prove that this question can be formulated as a shortest path problem. Finally we discuss how the presented algorithm can be used as a module for a greedy-algorithm solving a no-wait scheduling problem.

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