On Simple Polygonalizations with Optimal Area

Fekete, Sandor P. (2000) On Simple Polygonalizations with Optimal Area.
Published in: Discrete & computational geometry : an international journal of mathematics and computer science. Vol. 23 (1). pp. 73-110.


We discuss the problem of finding a simple polygonalization for a given set of vertices P that has optimal area. We show that these problems are very closely related to problems of optimizing the number of points from a set Q in a simple polygon with vertex set P and prove that it is NP-complete to find a minimum weight polygon or a maximum weight polygon for a given vertex set, resulting in a proof of NP-completeness for the corresponding area optimization problems. This answers a generalization of a question stated by Suri in 1989. Finally, we turn to higher dimensions, where we prove that for 1<= k <=d, 2<=d, it is NP-hard determine the smallest possible total volume of the k-dimensional faces of a d-dimensional simple nondegenerate polyhedron with a given vertex set, answering a generalization of a question stated by O'Rourke in 1980.

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