The Tree Interface -- Version 1.0 User Manual

Leipert, Sebastian (1996) The Tree Interface -- Version 1.0 User Manual.
Manual , 53 p.


The Tree Interface is a graphical tool specially designed to draw binary and general rooted trees, as they occur during an algorithmic process. It can be used in three different contexts. Simple drawing of trees. As a result of an algorithmic process, a non ordered, rooted tree may have been stored in a file, along with some information for every node. In order to take a look at the tree simply load the file into the Tree Interface. The interface draws the tree and offers the ability to display the information of the nodes and to display different types of nodes in different shapes and colours. Drawing a tree during a computational process. This is the most interesting feature of the Tree Interface and can be used in two different ways. Piping the output of any process that specifies a tree to the Tree Interface. Adapting one or more algorithms to the Tree Interface, start them via a mouse button click in the menu bar of the interface window and instantly pursue the growth of the tree. Both features are easy to realize. The first one needs only the adaption of the users program output. It uses identifiers to indicate if a new node is added to the tree, a node changes its type and should be drawn in a different colour or a node receives new or extra information. The second option means including the users program into the environment of the Tree Interface such that the program can be started by clicking on a button in the menu bar. The necessary adaptions that need to be programmed are described in detail in the User Manual. Emulating a tree growing process after the computation is finished. The Tree Interface includes a tool for emulating the process that grew the tree after the process is finished. This is useful, if the process cannot be accessed online (e.g. parallel algorithms that are run on multiple processor machines) or if the process is way to fast or to slow to follow the action that takes place. The Tree Interface provides a comfortable tool that enables the user to emulate a process, including features for speeding up or slowing down the process. The Tree Interface provides all necessary features of a graphical interface, such as area zoom, mouse dragging, print command and a colour, font and size chooser. The software has been compiled for SunOS, Solaris and Linux and is available under the following address:

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