Optimale Linienführung und Routenplanung in Verkehrssystemen

Bachem, Achim and Hamacher, Anja and Moll, Christoph and Raspel, Guido (1997) Optimale Linienführung und Routenplanung in Verkehrssystemen.
Published in: Mathematik : Schlüsseltechnologie für die Zukunft ; Verbundprojekte zwischen Universität und Industrie. Springer 1997, pp. 626-636.


This paper decribes vehicle routing problems appearing at a specific company, the Gerresheimer Glas AG. There are two different kind of problems: a full load routing problem and a multi-depot partial load delivery problem. We introduce algorithms that solve these problems and discuss modifications and alternatives for our specific practical constraints. Another approach to minimize the overall distance covered by empty trucks is the idea of introducing reload stations. This leads to the mathematical formulation of Steiner problems. For all these problems a good calculation of the driving times is necessary to employ the algorithms on practical problems. In this context a short overview over traffic simulation systems is given. At last the software engineering problems of dispositions systems are discussed.

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