Traffic simulations using cellular automata: comparison with reality

Wagner, Peter (1995) Traffic simulations using cellular automata: comparison with reality.
Published In: Workshop on Traffic and Granular Flow : HLRZ, Forschungszentrum J├╝lich, Germany October 9-11, 1995 World Scientific 1995, pp. 199-204.


In this article we summarize work concerned with the comparison between a cellular automaton (CA)-model for traffic flow and empirical data. The results presented here consist of two parts: comparing the fundamental diagrams and looking for a certain set of lane changing rules, which reproduce at least qualitatively the data measured on german motorways. These last results indicate, that it is possible to design microscopic lane changing rules that give the correct macroscopic behaviour regarding the lane-usage versus flow curves. To obtain such curves has been the problem in recent investigations using another microscopic model.

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