A Pseudoconfiguration of Points without Adjoint

Hochstättler, Winfried and Kromberg, Stephan (1996) A Pseudoconfiguration of Points without Adjoint.
Published in: Journal of combinatorial theory : Series B Vol. 68 (2). pp. 277-294.


We give an example of a simple oriented matroid cal D that admits an oriented adjoint. Already any adjoint of the underlying matroid D, however, does itself not admit an adjoint. D arises from the wellknown Non-Desargues-Matroid by a coextension by a coparallel element and, hence, has rank 4. The orientability of D and some of its adjoints follows from an apparantly new oriented matroid construction given in the paper that is a very special case of an amalgam of two copies of one oriented matroid.

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