Vector Quantisation Classifiers for Handwritten Character Recognition

Neschen, Martin (1995) Vector Quantisation Classifiers for Handwritten Character Recognition.
Published In: Parallel programming and applications : proceedings of the Workshop on Parallel Programming and Computations (ZEUS '95) and the 4th Nordic Transputer Conference (NTUG '95), Transputer and OCCAM engineering series. 45 IOS Press 1995, pp. 138-151.


The development of a pattern recognition architecture based on vector quantization techniques is presented which is applied to the recognition of handwritten bank forms. After an overview of nearest-neighbor classification and clustering, a fast completely binary version of the k-means algorithm is introduced and results for latge character databases are given. An integration of these methods in a multi-agent environment is discussed. Both the efficient implementation on general MIMD processors and a realization on a dedicated SIMD architecture are presented.

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