Factoring Integers above 100 Digits using Hypercube MPQS

Damm, Frank and Heider, Franz-Peter and Wambach, Georg (1994) Factoring Integers above 100 Digits using Hypercube MPQS.
Technical Report , 14 p.


In this paper we report on further progress with the factorisation of integers using the MPQS algorithm on hypercubes and a MIMD parallel computer with 1024 T-805 processors. We were able to factorise a 101 digit number from the Cunningham list using only about 65 hours computing time. We give new details about the hypercube sieve initialisation procedure and describe the structure of the factor graph that saves a significant amount of computing time. At March 3rd, we finished the factorisation of a 104 digit composite.

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