Programming, Porting and Performance Tests on a 1024-processor Transputercluster

Bachem, Achim and Meis, Theodor and Nagel, Kai and Riemeyer, Marisa and Wottawa, Michael (1993) Programming, Porting and Performance Tests on a 1024-processor Transputercluster.
Published In: Transputer applications and systems '93 : proceedings of the 1993 World Transputer Congress, 20 - 22 September 1993, Aachen, Germany IOS Publ. 1993, pp. 1068-1075.


This paper describes three different porting activities on three parallel applications performed on the new Parsytec GCel-3/1024 Transputer System in Cologne. The communication features of the machine are reported and a brief summary is given on the performance of the ported programs. The three applications differ extremely in computing requirements and parallelization approach: numerical standard algorithms, a TSP-heuristic and the simulation of traffic congestions are examined. In all cases the porting was done in a few days and the gain in performance was very satisfactory even for thousand processors.

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