New primal and dual Matching heuristics

Jünger, Michael and Pulleyblank, William R. (1995) New primal and dual Matching heuristics.
Published in: Algorithmica Vol. 13 (4). pp. 357-380.


We describe a new heuristic for constructing a minimum cost perfect matching designed for problems on complete graphs whose cost functions satisfy the triangle inequality (e.g., Euclidean problems). The running time for an n node problem is O(n log n) after a minimum cost spanning tree is constructed. We also describe a procedure which, added to Kruskal's algorithm, produces a lower bound on the size of any perfect matching. This bound is based on a dual problem which has the following geometric interpretation for Euclidean problems: Pack nonoverlapping discs centered at the nodes and moats surrounding odd sets of nodes so as to maximize the sum of the disc radii and moat widths.

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