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To look for preprints and publications on this server, you can either fill the search form, which lets you look for author, title, keywords, year, mathematics subject classification codes and text contained in the abstract or browse the names of all authors, the years of publication, all the used keywords or mathematics subject classification codes.
All our preprints and publications are classified with the 2000 Version of Mathematical Subject Classification code as specified by the American Mathematical Society. You can view a document explaining this classication (in PDF format) or have a look a the conversion tables provided by the AMS.
A lot of preprints can be directly downloaded, either in postscript format (compressed or uncompressed) or in portable document format. To view these on your screen, you can get Ghostview for the postscript files or Adobe Acrobat Reader for those in portable document format.
If you have a problem or a question or you encounter an error, you may contact us.

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